Thank you Spain!

thank you spain

Today we are crossing the border between Spain and Portugal.

We have had the most amazing time in Spain. Been here for little more than 3 months and we will definitely come back!

Thank you…

.. for the warming sun

.. for the long daylight

.. for beautiful villages

.. for (cold) ocean swims

.. for lovely fruits and vegetables, especially oranges and mangos.

.. for nice prices for food, especially at markets

.. for mañana

.. for palm trees and fields of olive trees

.. for the most wonderful views

.. for stunning sunrises

.. for Agua Amarga

.. for the beaches

.. for the unexpected hills

.. for the tasty and cheap red wine

And everything else we experienced.

Thanks! We’ll see you again!

The image is a screen shot from Annas Instagram where you can find both highlighted videos and a lot of photos taken in Spain.

/Anna & Roger

Vill du se mer av vår vardag?

Vill du se mer av vår vardag?

Vill du se mer av vår vardag?

Då kan vi tipsa om Annas Instastories!

Där läggs filmer på vyer, aktiviteter och andra vardagsgrejer ut. Men även bilder och bildtexter som vi hoppas ger en tydlig inblick i vår livsstil.