We love the outdoor shower!

outdoor shower in our motorhome

It is really a very hot summer here in Sweden! Then it´s great to have an outdoor shower in our RV.

When we ordered our motorhome we got the recommendation to make sure we also ordered an outdoor shower, so that we could use that for cleaning dirty shoes and the barbique for example.

Use the outdoor shower every day!

So it took a while before we started to use the shower outside, we had forgotten about it, since we haven’t had any dirty shoes yet! But we do have a lot of hot days, and after working all day when it is this warm, it really is great to take an outdoor shower before bedtime. So we are very glad we started to use the shower, later better then never…

We cool of and sleep a lot better after the shower. We do have both hot and cold water in the shower so we can decide the temperature. I like it rather cold and Roger want it warmer.

So we have found a way more greater purpose for the outdoor shower than we thought when ordering the FrankieBoy!

It´s not only cooling and fresh when we are hot, it´s also a good reason to use since it doesn´t fill the tank of stormwater.

Of course we also use the shower inside, but now not as often 🙂


Vill du se mer av vår vardag?

Vill du se mer av vår vardag?

Vill du se mer av vår vardag?

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