Our group on FB – for us with large motorhomes


We started a FB-group for us that travel in Europe with a motorhome longer than 8 meters. 

In that group we can share roads we roam, good or bad for big motorhomes. Places where we fit nicely or don’t. All other groups we found is mostly active by people having smaller motorhomes and we want to know that recommendations we get also fits for us and our motorhome. Thats why I started this group. The first day over 100 persons joined and we hope you’ll join and participate with all your knowledge and experience. If you have a motorhome that’s at least 8 meter long.

Simple rules

– English is the only language we use in posts and comments
– Show respect (off course!)
– For you that travel in Europe
– Your motorhome need to be at least 8 meter long

Invite your friends

If you have friends you know would like this kind of group, do not invite them through the group. Because we need to get some questions answered by all who want to enter. And if you invite to the group they will not get the questions and will not be let in.

Give your friends this link instead, please! (https://www.facebook.com/groups/339714906669261/)

Visit our FB-group for large motorhome travellers


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