Want to help people find and follow us!


We meet a lot of people when we travel. People who is curious of our lifestyle and who want to follow our journey. They want to remember the web address and find our Instagram profiles.

Of course we want to help you all to remember our blog and our Instagrams. And today I picked up some business cards with all that information. So next time we meet you’ll have a little card in your hand to bring with you. Easy for us and easy for you. Win – Win!

On one side of the card the information is in Swedish and on the other side it´s in English. So all of you will find us, no matter what language you speak.

I usually don’t do design work, even if my company, the web agency VimleWebb, does. But I have very good professional designers who do the work for my customers. This logo and business card I did all by my self and I am proud of that.

Hopefully we’ll leave some cards in curious people hands where ever we go!

Wish you a nice Saturday!


Vill du se mer av vår vardag?

Anna & Roger Forsberg

Anna och Roger Forsberg

Vi bor på heltid i vår husbil FrankieBoy. Arbetar deltid med digitala tjänster i egna företaget VimleWebb AB. Lever så mycket bättre med hela Europa som vårt vardagsrum.

Båda två är förändringsberoende och nyfikna. Lever minimalistiskt och är tillsammans 24/7. Använd gärna meny och sökfunktion för att läsa mer om oss, våra erfarenheter, boplatser och färdvägar.