About us

Here you’ll meet Anna & Roger, who lives full-time in our motorhome. We mostly blog in Swedish, but som posts will be for you who can’t read or speak our language. 

Why live full-time in a motorhome?

Because we can. And we want to. We also want to travel more, experience more and spend more time together. The Swedish winter is something we want to avoid so that’s also a reason. We are curious and want to try this nomad life. Been living in our motorhome since 7th of April 2018.


We live in our motorhome, which we call FrankieBoy cause it´s a Frankia.

We often get the question about how we finance this life, since we are not retired. Anna has a web-agency, VimleWebb, in which we both works, as digital nomads.

Love changes

We do love changes and personal development. We do what we want to do and love to experience what ever comes to our minds.